Telluride Health Company Message From The CEO

Hello –


All of us here at Telluride Health Company are so excited about the opportunity to bring a unique product to market that is designed specifically for the healthy cannabis lifestyle community.  We’ve been working on this product for almost two years now.  The idea came from our collective variety of work and education experiences, combined with our own participation in an active and healthy cannabis lifestyle.  We’re a small group of friends pursuing college educations and early careers that have carved out time from our educational and work pursuits to develop this product, test it ourselves, and even test market.  We have distributors asking us for more of the product after participating in our market tests.

As a marketing and communications major, I had the opportunity to work as a summer intern at an entrepreneurial cannabis start-up.  It was fun and I learned a lot.  I think the company had a good idea and was run by smart and respectable business people.  But no one in the company came from the cannabis community, nor were any of them from a generation that grew up while social media was already ubiquitous.  One of the other interns at the same company shared my reservations and together we started brainstorming what we believed to be better products and approaches for the healthy cannabis lifestyle community.

So, we shared our idea with our friends and found enthusiastic interest and support and others that wanted to join us in a start-up to produce this product and grow into producing other complimentary products.  One of our friends has that never-met-a-stranger personality.  He’s a ski instructor in Telluride, Colorado and after the lifts closed last season, he started going door to door to introduce the product to cannabis related retail shops.  It turns out, we have a product cannabis lifestyle people want.

None of us have been born with a silver spoon.  Financing from our families was not feasible.  Shark Tank wasn’t keen on cannabis pitches.  None of us are finance majors.  The development of our test market product has been good old fashion sweat equity.  Commercial production will take more than sweat equity.  We’re new to the penny stock market but our generation loves Leonardo DiCaprio and we all saw the Wolf of Wall Street.  We believe the merger of Telluride Health Company into Priority Aviation can give us a platform for funding the commercial production of our unique product.

We’re dying to tell you all about the product, but we’re going to keep a secret for another week or two until we have all our production requirements tied down.  We don’t want to shout the idea out and find someone else getting a competitive product to market before we get ours out there.  You’ll just have to keep checking back here and looking for our upcoming product announcement.

We received so many positive messages in response to the announcement of our merger into Priority Aviation.  Thank you one and all.  We are so happy to be so enthusiastically received.

Best Wishes,